The world’s most spectacular coffee, captured in time.

We source coffees that excite the senses, expertly roast them, and capture them in our capsules to deliver you the perfect cup of speciality coffee at home.

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Our three genres each have unique goals and by selecting one, you help us to understand which coffees we should send you. Guided by the qualities of each genre, we source, select, and roast one special coffee to represent each genre. These coffees will change regularly based on lot size and seasonality. All three of our genres will soon be available as capsules and beans; to find out more please register your interest below.

Genre 1


Foundation An icon for our foundation genre coffee.

This genre represents the foundation of specialty coffee and the third wave movement. Clean, aromatic coffee with sweetness and quality.

Genre 2


Discovery An icon for our discovery genre coffee.

These are more exciting and unusual coffees: different varieties and explorative processing provide you with coffees that have varied and distinctive flavour profiles.

Genre 3


Rare An icon for our rare genre coffee.

The marvels of the coffee world. Rare, exclusive, and expensive lots that we have available in extremely limited quantities.

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