Colonna × Rapha


The worlds of cycling and speciality coffee are inextricably linked, each with a rich culture of eager and informed fans. In both cultures, quality is coveted.

Since 2004, Rapha has championed perfection to cycling enthusiasts, from apparel, to events, to their pioneering international clubhouses. In the world of cycling, Rapha is the embodiment of passion and excellence and in the world of coffee, Colonna is the same. The two brands are a natural fit.

In 2018, the team at Rapha approached our founder Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood looking to elevate the coffee offering in their clubhouses around the world. Colonna worked closely with the team at Rapha to determine the exact flavour characteristics of their ideal coffee, focusing on complexity, consistency and above all, quality.

This journey together has brought us to the stunning Finca La Colombia in Antioquia, a region in Colombia famous for producing some of the world’s best coffees, and some of Colombia’s best cycling.

This classically sweet, zingy Caturra and Colombia cultivar washed lot is a wonderful example of the incredible coffee produced in the region.

Managed by Gonzalo, consistency and quality across every element of production is higher than ever before.Through close work with the importer’s partner, better access has been created to the region seeing a welcome increase in income and sales for the farm and surrounding producers, eventually culminating in a coffee that sings both as espresso and through milk.

Finca La Colombia is a wonderful evolution of Rapha and Colonna’s relationship, a lively, sweet cup with complexity and depth. You can find Finca La Colombia in Rapha Clubhouses around the world, or you can grab a bag right here. Expect notes of citrus, caramel and pecan.


Espresso / Filter


Espresso / Filter