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Variations in the type of coffee plant grown or the method with which the coffee is dried can dramatically alter flavour characteristics. This genre celebrates the diversity and expressive flavour made possible by these distinctions.

Discovery Capsules

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How this works

We select one special coffee at a time to show case in each genre. As the coffee harvesting seasons change and new lots arrive at the roastery we change the coffee we are showcasing. Coffees change every 5-8 weeks and information about which coffee we’ve selected is included on each box of capsules you receive.

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We do not charge postage for deliveries to the UK. International orders will have postage fees calculated at checkout. One bag of coffee will fit nicely through your letter box. For larger orders our courier will ring your doorbell.

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Nespresso® compatible

For best results we recommend the Dualit range, available from our equipment store, or the Magimix Inissia.

Which type?

Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso inspired beverage. The short capsules are complex and full flavoured, accompanied by a clean and creamy texture. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Long Capsule

Long capsules

A filter style shot. The long capsules are more elegant and light, showcasing the bright juicy characteristics of our coffees. Recommended shot weight 65g.

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If you love milk in coffee we recommend combining our short capsule with steamed or warmed milk. Our long capsules produce a delicate, filter-like coffee which is best experienced without milk.

Current discovery genre capsules We currently have a different coffee for each discovery capsule type.

Short Capsule Short

Slopes of 8 Peaberry

This washed peaberry is produced by eight neighbouring independent farms in Kenya’s Kirinyaga region. Unlike larger co-operatives with often hundreds of contributors, these eight farms handle all processing individually, providing greater focus on cup quality.

Expect classic Kenyan notes of blackcurrant and lime upfront, with crisp apple and caramel to finish.

Long Capsule Long

Nkara Auction Lot

An auction system was held in place of this year’s Rwandan Cup of Excellence, which led us to this coffee. The Nkara lot from the Musasa co-op showcases the vibrant and complex character of washed bourbon coffee from this origin.

Expect a winey complexity with bright clementine acidity and hints of rhubarb and red apple. Aromatic spice notes accompany throughout with sweet toffee on the finish.

Taster Pack

Our taster pack presents you with four capsules from each of our genres. Explore the flavour of the coffees we source and curate.


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