Jobs – E-commerce Manager

We are recruiting for an e-commerce manager to join our team to primarily help grow and develop the brand's D2C Shopify based channel.

Colonna has a strong successful organic ecommerce site that is growing through a combination of subscription and transactional sales. More focus and strategy is being directed into realising the full potential of this channel for the Colonna brand and it's products.

Colonna also manages its wholesale b2b sales through online platforms and it is expected that the role will contribute here also.

The Company

Colonna is a fast growing, world renowned and innovative speciality coffee company based in the south west of England. The company prides itself on its continual pursuit of exceptional coffee.

The story began with the destination concept coffee shop Colonna and Small’s in Bath in 2009. The store established itself as a landmark speciality coffee experience, showcasing the world's best coffee.

Colonna has its roots in the specialty third wave coffee movement, but it’s ambitions lie in engaging quality discerning customers around the world in the complex flavours and stories of exceptional coffee. Colonna is also viewed as a leader in innovation being one of the first to market with speciality coffee capsules and bringing to market in 2019 a water jug with filtration optimised for the at home coffee drinker.

Colonna is a dynamic company that works through various channels and collaborations. Colonna ships to 50 countries every month through its growing d2c platform. Wholesale partnerships include some of the world’s finest specialty coffee destinations to brand collaborations looking to tell a quality driven coffee story and deliver in the cup.

It is an exciting time for Colonna as it builds on its world wide reputation for innovation and disruption in the coffee space. The business is growing quickly.

The Coffee

Colonna curates a range of the world's most exceptional coffee, sourced and roasted to showcase their unique and sought-after flavours.

Colonna has a continually changing selection of coffee based on the seasonality and nature of coffee as well as a desire to showcase a variety of incredible coffee flavour profiles throughout the year.

Our collaborative coffee projects often mean a bespoke sourcing relationship for a specific coffee, its flavour and story.

Colonna has been at the forefront of the specialty coffee sector in areas such as capsules and water. The Peak Water jug is launching in 2019 and is hotly anticipated by the coffee community in the UK and rest of the world.

Awards and Recognition

- Founder Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is a 3 time UK Barista Champion, Young British Foodie award winner and international speaker across the coffee industry. Maxwell has also authored two books on coffee.

- Head roaster Bethany Williams is a 2018 European roasting champion.

- Colonna and Small’s the Bath-based flagship destination store has many accolades, appearing in multiple top coffee shop lists, with mentions in Vogue and The Independent. The shop won best European cafe in 2017.

- Colonna’s disruptive and innovative approach to capsule coffee has been featured in a variety of prominent press such as the Telegraph newspaper. The specialty Coffee capsules were featured in Wired magazines top innovative products of 2017.

Background To Role

Colonna launched its online store to both allow customers around the world to buy colonna roasted coffee directly and to launch our disruptive speciality coffee capsules.

Utilising a captive tribal audience the store launched to significant sales immediately.

The store was originally designed with a strong brand storytelling approach that told the disruptive story and the product narrative. The site has since evolved to be more retail shop driven.

The launch of our own capsule machine and the implementation of this into a machine and coffee subscription offer has had great success and a focus on maximising subscriptions has begun.

With a product and a brand that appeals to both niche specialist customers and the mass premium audience, understanding and evolving the website around the different users is vital.

This role is crucial to one of the most important sales channels for the brand and will be instrumental in taking a high quality e-commerce business to the next level.

Job Description

The Role

Day to day management and oversight of the Colonna E-commerce store.
Project management and execution of online campaigns to drive sales.
Utilise ongoing metric analysis to evolve targeted user experience to improve conversion.


- Ecommerce channel management. Working with the necessary departments and roles both internally and externally to execute.
- Manage all online activity in relation to traffic acquisition, sales, conversion and a/b testing and reporting
- The scheduling and implementation of online marketing initiatives.
- Store maintenance.
- To understand and oversee the way the third party applications integrate with the shopify platform.
- To work and communicate closely with the creative team, the roastery team, front end and back end development.
- Run an e-commerce experience that provides the best possible experience for Colonna customers.

The Candidate

- Proven track record of success in e-commerce management and growth.
- Extensive understanding of and experience of Shopify.
- Ability to work and excel in collaboration with a full digital team - comfortable interacting with developers and other technical roles.
- Confidence with and ability to utilise Google analytics.
- Familiarity with email marketing campaigns and the use of Mailchimp.
- Experience of working in a high growth start up where you have lived through and supported significant growth.
- Self-sufficient, mature in nature and ability to be involved in the operational detail as well as have a strategic overview.
- A great team player.
- Customer orientation with an ability to build relationships and credibility

Nice to Have

- Basic competence with the Adobe Creative Suite - comfortable preparing digital assets.
- Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.


You must have an outgoing character with a good sense of humour and a positive personality.

- Energetic and committed with a real enthusiasm for the business.
- Proven skills in developing and setting high level strategy but must be happy to also actively implement plans personally.
- Communication skills should be of the highest calibre.
- It is crucial that the individual has a strong commercial mentality. They should have worked in a company where operations is seen as an essential contributor to the bottom line, but where the function does not restrain entrepreneurial spirit, pace, growth or dynamism.
- Ability to be comfortable with, and adapt to change in a business environment.
- Has a clear sense of purpose and direction with personal values aligned with those of Colonna.


Primarily based at the roastery in Yate, Bristol, with the expectation to travel on occasion where needed.


A competitive basic salary is on offer.


To be considered for this role please email