Capsule Progression

SUNDAY, 17 JULY 2022

Our latest Limited Release Rare capsules represent a new aluminium capsule design and partnership. They are the best capsules we have ever made.

Not only that, the capsule version was the best cup profile of the Chilled Cherry coffee, showing more complexity and aromatics than any other way we brewed this coffee.

We started experimenting with capsules in 2015 and launched our first iteration in 2016. At this time the coffee was ground on an ek43 into a plastic pod on a small line.

From the beginning the format has excited us and it continues to do so. Roasting, grinding and sealing individual doses under nitrogen to be brewed at the push of a button delivers a unique opportunity for specialty coffee.  

The project has had its challenges.

With both capsule and machine technology, as well as Nespresso not being particularly keen on other coffee companies using their format. We have since moved to aluminium as our core-offering and have moved through multiple capsule-design iterations. The changes are remarkably small, but have a huge impact. Edits to the size and design of the lip of the capsule to seal well in the machine, or the type of lid-foil and how domed it is following de-gassing all make a noticeable difference.

Alongside capsule developments have been the changes in the hardware itself. We have launched the Opal One as an entry-level capsule machine and collaborated on the Morning machine as a premium speciality brewing device. Different coffees can also require different approaches.

The journey continues. The aluminium capsule we have been using has been from a Belgium company called Belmio. If you tried our Limited Release Chilled Cherry espresso run you will have seen a change to a new aluminium capsule design. This is now a Swiss design called the Nova Capsule.

Coupled with a state-of-the-art water-cooled roller grinder, this produces what we think is the best cup-results of any capsule we have made to-date. The coffee gets roasted and ground on the same day and sits under nitrogen for several hours to degass appropriately, creating the right doming in the pod lid.

The results have been the highest TDS results we have seen in capsules so far. TDS stands for total dissolved solids and is a measurement of the concentration of a coffee beverage, The higher the extraction, the higher the number, as long as you are comparing like-for-like brew-ratios. The results delver a stronger, more aromatic cup profile where ultimately the character of the coffee shines much brighter.

In the coming months you will start to see our aluminium range move across to this design. Discovery Espresso will be the next to change with a special Diego Bermudez lot from Colombia.

We can't wait for you to taste the results!