Get the Best Out of Your Capsules

The Nespresso® machine you have is able to produce an incredible coffee flavour with our capsules.

Please watch our capsule brewing guide below to learn more about how you can get the best out of our capsules, alternatively read on for a few tips & guidelines to optimise results. 

Setting the Recipe.

The coffee in our capsules has been roasted and ground with a specific recipe in mind. By this we mean the ratio of water to coffee. For our short capsules we recommend a 25g beverage weight. For the long variation we recommend a 80g beverage weight.

To achieve these great tasting recipes you will need to re-calibrate your machine from its standard factory settings. In order to make these adjustments, please follow the instructions below:

Most Nespresso® machines have the same programming procedure. However, please consult the instruction manual of the model you are using for minor variations.

To programme you will need to press and continuously hold down the short brewing button until you reach the desired weight. Before starting please familiarise yourself with the following 6 steps:

  1. Position your cup on a set of digital scales under your machine.
  2. Reset the scales to zero.
  3. Place our capsule into the machine.
  4. Press and hold the short brewing button you will start the capsule pour.
  5. Release the button when the beverage is of desired weight (25g).
  6. This button is now set to this recipe. The machine will now reproduce the recipe by simply pressing and releasing the button each time.

Follow the same procedure for the long capsule. Simply allow the beverage to reach 80g when setting the long brewing button.

Machine Preparation

The following steps will help you achieve the best results each time you go to make a coffee.

  1. Make sure your reservoir is sufficiently topped up. You will need enough water to prime the system, rinse the system and enough for your beverage.
  2. Turn your machine on and allow it heat to temperature.
  3. Without placing a capsule in the machine simply engage either of the brewing buttons. Water will flow  through the system. Allow water to pour for 5 seconds. Press the button again to stop the pour.

This helps warm up the machine and achieve the best cup of coffee possible. This process is only necessary when the machine is turned on from cold.

Expert Tip: Give it a Shake

Simply give each capsule a little shake before use. This helps ensure an even extraction and flow.

Keep it Clean

Coffee oils build up quickly and can detract from the quality of your cup. After you have finished preparing coffee on your capsule machine. We recommend running a small amount of water through your machine without a capsule inserted to avoid build up. Use the same process as you used to prime the system.

No Coffee without Water — Water Quality

More than 90% of your cup of coffee is water and it has a huge impact on cup quality. Maxwell and Chemist Christopher H hendon even wrote a book on the topic "Water For Coffee".

We are working on a bespoke water filtration solution for you. However, in the meantime we recommend the following guidelines:

Filter your water using The Peak Water Jug. It is particularly important to utilise filtration in hard water areas otherwise your coffee may taste flat and bitter. You will also increase the amount of scale build up in your machine.

Alternatively, you can use bottled water. Our recommended bottled waters are Aqua Panna, Volvic and Waitrose Essential.


Our capsules are compatible with all drop down Nespresso® machines. The capsules are not compatible with commercial and "built in" models.

There is a wide variety of Nespresso® compatible machines out there. Our capsules have been designed to maximise cup quality. The models available in the marketplace all vary slightly in design and composition. 

In order to showcase the full potential of the coffees we carefully select, we recommend using the OPAL One Capsule Machine.