Bartender Series Sweet

Pirapitinga is a small farm in southern Brazil, owned and operated by Nilson Mengali. This microlot is the pick of this year’s harvest and was specifically selected for its bright sweetness and rich body. 

This coffee has of notes of caramel, pecan and chocolate and is delicious when coupled with rum.

Bartender Series Sweet
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Bartender capsules only available in short.

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40 × Sweet Short Capsules

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Tristan’s Recipe


Utilising some of the finest ingredients that the Americas have to offer, this long and delicate highball walks the fine balance between bitter, sweet, and fruit — making it a great alternative to an Americano.

  • 40ml Blended Aged Rum
  • 25ml of Bartender Series Sweet (1 capsule on ‘short’ setting)
  • 120ml Coconut Water
  • 5ml Demerara syrup

Build the ingredients into a highball glass filled with plenty of ice, stir briefly and garnish with a pineapple leaf.

nb. This drink also works nicely (and differently) with coconut milk (from a carton, not a can) instead of coconut water.

Capsule type

Short Capsule

Short capsules

An intense espresso beverage — bright and complex with a full-bodied intensity. Recommended shot weight 25g.

Our aluminium capsules are Nespresso® compatible and fully-recyclable.